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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Lost when I first laid eyes on you,
When your heart got me smitten.
Lost when I first dreamt of happiness,
When your smile got me all weaken.

Lost when I first got a hope to live with you,
Dream about you to die with you.
Lost when things started falling in place,
For us, when excuses were the struggle at case.

Lost when we fought badly and cried,
But pleasant were those days when we still tried.
Lost when you got at me so often pissed,
But bliss were the moments of being back, just coz we missed.

Lost was I always, but in you and our love,
When hopes were on and nothing else to shove.
But now that I have lost, myself in my eyes,
It’s better to leave than have you suffer, for that’d be wise.



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