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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kattappa - The Untold Story

Kattappa - The Untold Story by RVSpeaks

This is a tale about a Royal Slave, an honor-bound sentry, a loving grandfather, a caring Godfather, and most of all, the most loyal Mama. Yes, this is a tale about Kattappa from Bahubali whose loyalty is second to none, yet he would kill the man he had come close enough to call his nephew.

Ever wondered how can a Man like Katappa who was brought up with slaves, be as strong as someone like Bahubali - the Legend? Moreover, how can a man from such a low level reach to heights even enough have raised his voice against the almighty Sivagami Devi when she was wrong?

Well, I guess S.S. Rajamouli Sir has his own ways of keeping secrets from his fans like any other writer/author like George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling etc…

The story that I am about to reveal will take us over 120 years back, at a time when even the Ultimate Mahishmati Kingdom was just formed and was spreading its new foundations across Bharat.

This was the time of Shoktas, one of the fiercest militia in the history, who ruled the high grounds of China. The Shokta Reign was always a fascination amongst the other kingdom back then. Though being a Kingdom only full of kshatriyas who had a reputation to be the most feared militia for over several centuries, it used to always be at peace within its kingdom.

No Fights within themselves nor the nearby kingdoms; yes they were not live other warmongering clans, they had evolved too much for their own good. They were revered to be the only Kingdom with no reason to expand their kingdom but at the same time, would never deny the needy kingdoms. The Shoktas had never been defeated in an open battle before. Their advanced tactics and evolved minds could match up to any military strategy of their rival, countering them back with such an ease.

This was when Urgrappa, the forefather of Katappa as you know him today visited the Shoktas in order to seek permission to meet the King of Shoktas, Yamana Vishu. 
Yamana, never declined anyone from meeting him personally in the royal chambers without his private guards trying to keep their king safe from any unknown threats. While meeting Ugrappa, Yamana had asked him about his real motive to ride so far from his village to meet Yamana in private.

Ugrappa revealed his real intentions of pledging undeniable loyalty to Mahishmati in return for their favor in helping them avenge their village against Vaithalikas. Yamana, who was still trying to read between the lines as to why was it so important for Ugrappa to come to his capital. Ugrappa had mentioned they were seeking young blood who can be trained as warriors for protecting their oath of serving Mahishmati and its safety. Yamana was taken aback as to where this conversation was heading. He cut Ugrappa in the middle stating that Ugrappa himself was blessed with his son and a newly born grandson. Yamana glared back at Ugrappa and whispered with a calm yet eerie  ‘What are your real intentions Ugrappa???’

Ugrappa froze at the sudden turn of events and how Yamana was growing impatient his sudden visit to meet Yamana after the unfateful day 25 years back when Ugrappa saved Yamana from getting deceived into making a wrong decision and annihilating over 4 kingdoms at once, which Yamana was very much capable of.

It was this day when Yamana felt grateful that for the first ever time the leader of the mighty Shoktas had assistance in making the right decision from an outsider, and saving himself and Shoktas a potential guilt which would have lasted their clan for more than centuries, till their last clan member was alive.

Yamana being virtuous had given his word to Ugrappa than when a day comes when Ugrappa needed Yamana, there would be no questions asked in return for an undeniable assistance to Ugrappa.

Soon, reality dawned at Yamana as Ugrappa asked him for what he had come to him. Ugrappa wanted to adopt Janapalaka, his 3 years old son who would be replaced by Ugrappas’ very own grandson Nadar - none other than the very KARIKALA KATTAPPA NADAR!!!

Janapalaka was quite strong for any 3-year old. He almost seemed to be 8 years old while he was just 3. Janapalaka meant the great guardian of mankind - the one who is chosen to protect mankind when the time of extinction will dawn up to mankind. Like his name, Janapalaka was not only strong but was a charming boy with just one scare on his right shoulder, which he got a year back while he joined his father Yamana for hunting.

Yamana was brought to the here and now as Ugrappa Nadar reminded Yamana about the word he had given and that Ugrappa doesn’t which his very grandson to be a slave. Yamana glared at him with anger and order him to leave the chambers right away before Yamana beheads him to his punitive behavior.  Ugrappa Laughed hard as Yamana sat on his throne uncomfortable.
Yamana felt a bit dizzy and wanted to ask what Ugrappa had happened to him, and why is Ugrappa laughing.

‘I did not expect you to fulfill your promise any day Yamana, but I am not the only one to reach out to the Shoktas’, replied Ugrappa with all his sarcasm at his might. Ugrappa had revealed that he had poisoned the Sholuka river which the Shoktas revered like mother God, the night previous to his visit to the kingdom and that Yamana and his entire kingdom had just 3 hours left before falling down as one mighty clan eradicated at the snap of Ugrappa’s fingers.

Yamana was devastated for his fate and was wondering how to save his people and his family within the 3 limited hours. This was when Ugrappa ordered Yamana to order Janapalaka to come with himself and revere him to be the real forefather. This was the only way to save his entire clan and his son, Janapalaka. 

With no choice whatsoever, Yamana summoned Janapalaka and ordered him as per what Ugrappa had insisted. Janapalaka being a kid, did not understand much but he was just happy to know that he had a forefather whom he could look after too, just like his father.

Janapalaka was given a drink which helped him even before the poison began its attack, less was known to Yamana that his entire tribe had already fallen for the vicious poison mixed by Ugrappa. 

Just before his last breath, Yamana left a terrible curse that the real family of Ugrappa who would fall in front of his very own eyes by the ones he called his masters and that one day his son..his Janapalaka would rise above, though being a slave but living up to Yamana and the Shokta’s last tribe member like the Yuvaraj was.

This is why the Katappa we knew and the Janapalaka discovered today, is only of the mightiest man to ever walk in Mahishmati. 
Hope you liked the tale of  - An unfortunate king turned Slave, defending the honor of Mahishmati not less than a king

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Monday, May 7, 2018

The Dark Night!

The Dark Night - RVSpeaks

18-year-old Ronnie was staring at a kid from the keyhole of the door outside the kids' room which was locked. He was wondering where was he and who is this kid with a slightly familiar face.

Ronnie had no clue as to what was going on and he continued to stare at the kid. He noticed, the kid wasn't alone and was playing with his elder friends. They were indeed having fun. Ronnie smiled at the innocent smile displayed by the kid and felt glad that his friends were entertaining the kid amongst the big guys who would roughly be in their early 20s.

The doors suddenly opened and the eldest friend Fred, had to leave the kid and his group for he had an appointment scheduled for his further studies. Ronnie was certain that he had seen this face, though Fred didn't even gaze upon Ronnie and who is he. Fred just kept the doors open and walked away bidding adieu to his pals.

Ronnie walked into the room to find the kid referring his friends as big brother's and were playing board games. Ronnie smiled, to find there were 6 big brother's to look after the kid, unlike his sorry self. Ronnie never had friends and was usually alone as he grew up and this was refreshing for him to see the kid enving how different would have his life been if he too had friends to be around and elder brother's to support.

A slight tear slipped from Ronnie's ever controlled eyes. He let them out for the first time in ages. He felt even he has the right to smile like this sweet kid.

While Ronnie was in his own world, admiring the kid, a sudden chill went through his spine. What happened? What the hell? Why are they...

Ronnie saw the other friends asking the kid to dance with them and in no time, started undressing him. Ronnie did not realize as to what he was noticing... The so-called friends started molesting the kid while the kid started crying asking them to not hurt me as he felt the gushing pain in his anus.

Ronnie tried to stop these guys but couldn't lay a single hand on them as if it was all a mirage, while the kids gazing directly into Ronnie' s eyes, desperately seeking help to free himself. Ronnie couldn't help the kid and felt disgusted with what he had to witness right in front of him. The kid yelled, screamed for mercy as all the 6 guys ripped apart the innocence from the kid's face. The kid could not be saved, the kid knew it... Ronnie knew it. He bashed his tough fist on the table breaking a portion of the table. Ronnie's anger took the better off him even as he saw his injured first starting to bleed.

He cried and suddenly heard a loud knock on the door. He turned back to see if there was someone tho could help the kid, only to find himself opening his eyes on his bed.

What! This was just... Just a dream? Everything seemed so true as to what Ronnie witnessed and he couldn't even believe the fact that his fists were swollen for no reason. He started sweating and felt really uncomfortable to find such a dark and dreadful nightmare for the first time ever.

He went to the kitchen, gulped some water trying to get the poor kids face out of his mind. Ronnie tried going back to sleep, still thinking about the weird kid; less he knew that it was the kid Ronnie that came in his dream trying to show a dark childhood reality which Ronnie never remembered after that dreadful day!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Father

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Few words for the person behind making me who I am today.
Happy Birthday, Father. I Love you the most. Hope you Like it!

From being solid roots to support the tree,
To be the perfect highway to race on free,
You were, are, and will be the one,
To suck the negativity off everyone.

A Selfless deed throughout your life,
Just for your mom, children, and your wife,
For them to live their dreams, you made that yours,
Never once thinking about the crushed dream of yours.

Turned 59, yet 20 from the heart,
Standing tall, never falling apart,
Earning people’s heart all your way,
Managing yourself all night all day.

Truth is that you achieved a lot,
For your ever-smiling face is all I got,
Enjoy this day, for you deserve it the most,
Hey Dad, Wish you a Happy Birthday, remember I love you the most.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Year Of Success-2017 And the Key Is In Your Hands

The year 2017 has been and is shaping to be a very eventful year for the entrepreneurs. You will find new innovative business model in every other corner of the world. With every new day, there comes a new evolution and in turn an expansion even if it is at a minuscule level. The only priority in today’s time is thinking how to grow your business and expand.

What if we say that you have the key to expand your business up to 10x times?  You probably would not believe us, but here is something that will change the way you look at your business and experience an exponential growth which you never thought possible.


Yes, you heard it right. All it takes for us is to unlearn what we already know about our business and look at it from a fresh angel on how we can smartly increase our revenue by decreasing the amount of time and efforts spent on the existing model. Know your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges; but also look at the opportunities that your setup has. Your business has a potential to reach a level beyond what you have imagined today since the scale of opportunity that you are on eyeing on is low.

What if you have an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same vision or probably a better one? What if you can relook at your team by collaborating with similar nature of business than competing with them? What if you join hands with new people with innovative ideas who can take your planning and execution to the next level?  

There is no stopping you from becoming a Millionaire like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, etc. who have the same 24 hours a day as you have, and yet they are Global leaders and ahead from the other Entrepreneurs. Look at what they are doing differently than you? The answer is simple, they are open to new ideas, open to connecting with new people, open to explore new opportunities and ensure they grow exponentially.
If you feel this is difficult or not your cup of tea, then we have the exact solution to assist you in growing your business 10x times.

With 5 successful events across the globe, we are wrapping up the year with our sixth edition of the Fast Forward Summit at Johannesburg on December 9th to 11th. Over the whole year, we have connected with over 10,000 entrepreneurs, global leaders, and tech innovators who have got in so many ideas and insights flowing across the 3 action packed days at the event.

You can visit our site to look at a few success stories from these entrepreneurs about how they changed the way of looking at their working model and reaped success and are continuing to inspire other such budding entrepreneurs at https://goo.gl/jm3RKo.
We invite you to be a part of the World’s No.1 Entrepreneur Event of the Year at our Johannesburg edition of the Fast Forward Summit. Book your tickets now, as our seats are filling up fast, even as you read.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have been smarter week after week, month after month, year after year. They have been connecting and collaborating more and more, and have seen tremendous growth in their business with their new approach.
So what was it that brought this change in them? What changed their mindset? What gave them an opportunity to see the huge spike in their business and become great entrepreneurs, thought leaders, experts, and even mentors over these years?
The answer to all the above is Fast Forward Summit – World’s No.1 Entrepreneurs’ Event.

Yes, you read it correct, Fast Forward Summit has been the key event dedicated to bring this change in the mindset of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs across over 80 countries, enabling them to come under one roof and see to it that their business is growing.
 Recently in 2016, The United Nations came up with 17 key goals that need to be addressed and worked upon for the worlds’ overall development. We have seen that a lot of Successful Entrepreneurs like Richard Brandson, Bill Gates, etc. came up to assist the United Nations by taking initiatives to address at least one goal as their contribution to the society.

Started by the Futurist and a Social Entrepreneur - Roger James Hamilton, The Fast Forward Summit aims at bringing all entrepreneurs under one roof, ensure they grow their business by 10 times and contribute to at least one of the causes set by the United Nations.
At Fast Forward Summit, you as an Entrepreneur can expect to be exposed to the latest tech resources and tools to assist you in evolving your team and immensely growing your business. You will be taken through 4 days of power packed action that will change the way you look at your business approach. From connecting with wide range of Entrepreneurs, collaborating with other entrepreneurs, you have an opportunity to expand and be in sync with the latest ongoing around you.

What more does an entrepreneur need? You will also be taken through key sessions from the Change makers, Speakers, and Roger Hamilton himself who is the founder of the EntrepreneursInstitute, Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, and Genius U – The world’s leading e-learning platform for entrepreneurs, with over 500,000 active entrepreneurs in it.

Are you excited? Looking forward to being a part of Fast Forward Summit? We are coming to London this September with new Speakers, Change makers, etc. If you want to be a part of the 4 days of action packed events? Don’t wait, just click here now and book your seats now as we have only limited seats left.

Let us catch up at the Fast Forward Summit London Edition 2017. See you there!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

4 Key Things An Entrepreneur Must Know

Written by R. Venkateswaran (a.k.a RV)

Being an entrepreneur is easier said than done, and having said that, being a successful entrepreneur sustaining your business, building up a strong and reliable team, managing your work life balance can sometimes be very challenging at times.
Are you happy with your startup?  Are you planning to take your next big leap and grow your business? Are you ready to face the challenges that come with the changing time?

Here are the 4 key things you cannot afford to miss out to transform your business and take it to the next level:

1. Finding Your Flow:

If you are about to start a journey in an unknown country, you need to know your start point, your destination and you need to have guidance so that you can take action and successfully arrive at your destination.
Similarly, you need to focus first on where you are now and where do you want to reach. All you need to do is to:
  •          Write down the points around your life’s values and the values you need to have so as to grow.
  •          Write down a list of short time goal for the next 3 months
  •          Set your goals in how you want to learn, live, earn, and give back

 2. Finding Your Genius:

According to Albert Einstein, everyone is a genius - yes we all have it in us to become successful in what we are doing, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend the entire life believing it is stupid.
Once you have found your flow, discover your natural path. Figure out what kind of genius are you? Are you a creative person, a networking person, a servicing person, or a person who gets into detailing?
You can take our free assessment to figure out your genius here.

3. Understanding Your Wealth Profile:

Once you have taken your genius test, you can now focus on bigger things which lie ahead. The 4 Genius are divided into eight different wealth profiles according to your personality. It helps to find your natural path, opening up massive opportunities to improve your business.
It enables you to figure out the perfect way to enhance your ongoing business, keeping in mind your strengths, weakness, challenges, and opportunities. Find out more here.

4. Completing your Wealth Box:

The fundamental of being a successful entrepreneur is to know that you cannot grow alone; you need a team that grows with you, ensuring that your vision and business goals are achieved.
While you unlock your wealth profile, you will come across the importance of having a strong and reliable team who can assist you in your business in ways that you never thought possible. You will be stunned to know what one can achieve by having a team which completes the Wealth Box with all the eight different profiles under one single roof, allowing everyone to contribute to your success. This is your success formula.

Your success formula can be others’ losing formula and execute your goals with a team which completes your wealth box means, each individual in your team has figured out their own natural path and flow and are eager and happy to contribute to your success while achieving their own individual goals too.

Genius U is World’s largest e-learning platform by Roger James Hamilton for entrepreneurs to unlock their potential in their own ways, with over 500,000 entrepreneurs staying active every day by connecting, collaborating and growing their business. You can be a part of our global platform too. Why wait, join us today

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sound of Death

You saw me mesmerizing, flowing towards you,
Inviting, exciting and enticing you.
Come to me, get immersed and get yourself drawn in,
My sound calling you out, to pull you in.

You came to me, with loving eyes,
Thinking, this moment never flies.
I let you enjoy and keeping you fascinated,
Till the right moment to get you distracted.

You thought of my sound to keep you at peace in this damned earth,
Alas, I manage to trick you,
For I am the Sound Of Death.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A sound that quenched my thirst

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To rid off my pain and grief that rest,
To enlight me with who I am,
Of what I am suppose to be,

To face off my challenges
And become more tough,

To brace the loved ones
Who stand with me,

To become one with the nature
And preach about Love,
And keep hatred away
For it will pull me down and just shove,

I thank the sound that quenched my thirst,
That sound of the wave from the sea,
Which answered me and my solitude first.