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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have been smarter week after week, month after month, year after year. They have been connecting and collaborating more and more, and have seen tremendous growth in their business with their new approach.
So what was it that brought this change in them? What changed their mindset? What gave them an opportunity to see the huge spike in their business and become great entrepreneurs, thought leaders, experts, and even mentors over these years?
The answer to all the above is Fast Forward Summit – World’s No.1 Entrepreneurs’ Event.

Yes, you read it correct, Fast Forward Summit has been the key event dedicated to bring this change in the mindset of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs across over 80 countries, enabling them to come under one roof and see to it that their business is growing.
 Recently in 2016, The United Nations came up with 17 key goals that need to be addressed and worked upon for the worlds’ overall development. We have seen that a lot of Successful Entrepreneurs like Richard Brandson, Bill Gates, etc. came up to assist the United Nations by taking initiatives to address at least one goal as their contribution to the society.

Started by the Futurist and a Social Entrepreneur - Roger James Hamilton, The Fast Forward Summit aims at bringing all entrepreneurs under one roof, ensure they grow their business by 10 times and contribute to at least one of the causes set by the United Nations.
At Fast Forward Summit, you as an Entrepreneur can expect to be exposed to the latest tech resources and tools to assist you in evolving your team and immensely growing your business. You will be taken through 4 days of power packed action that will change the way you look at your business approach. From connecting with wide range of Entrepreneurs, collaborating with other entrepreneurs, you have an opportunity to expand and be in sync with the latest ongoing around you.

What more does an entrepreneur need? You will also be taken through key sessions from the Change makers, Speakers, and Roger Hamilton himself who is the founder of the EntrepreneursInstitute, Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, and Genius U – The world’s leading e-learning platform for entrepreneurs, with over 500,000 active entrepreneurs in it.

Are you excited? Looking forward to being a part of Fast Forward Summit? We are coming to London this September with new Speakers, Change makers, etc. If you want to be a part of the 4 days of action packed events? Don’t wait, just click here now and book your seats now as we have only limited seats left.

Let us catch up at the Fast Forward Summit London Edition 2017. See you there!


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