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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rage and Afraid!

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pic courtesy: vinnieluv8

So pushed he was, so stooped he was,
To realize what he has become.
So bad he was, and angry,
To keep away everyone whom he used to welcome.

Was he like his lineage, his ancestry, his father?
He did not have an answer.
Can he be different back, sweet, nice, and calm?
He did not think if this, he can prefer.

Rage, his then once strength, became his downfall,
He was not Jon snow protecting the wall.
Alone he wanted to be, yet afraid,
Not to hurt people more and see all memories fade.

Sad to see him fall apart, from inside and outside,
But once done, cannot be undone is the state from his side.

Coming to an end was his conscious,
Where he believed, hoped, loved, and lived.
Remains are now just the ruins,
With his only companion, RAGE from whom, he is afraid.



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