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Friday, September 30, 2011

You didn’t Love Him.....

2:39 PM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran , , , , , , 16 comments

The Love he showed towards you girl,
Was limitless and you know that girl.
He gave you smile and wiped off your tears,
Hey girl, he even took out your fear.

He did whatever he could for you,
He loved you girl and waited for you.
You even didn’t bother to think of him,
But only when mattered, you did use him.

He still kept smiling and waited for you,
With a hope that someday even you’ll come through.
He did know you were on with someone,
But great the boy, still wished luck for that one.

Love for you wasn’t more than a game,
Hey girl you should be down, full of shame.
Love never meant for you anytime,
The boy still wishing you to be happy all-time.

Boy is wasting still his time,
Still hoping you are back anytime.
Hey girl, never say you loved someone,
Coz a loving heart might never this much hurt someone.

A Poem summarizing real life experience.

P.S : This poem is not meant to hurt anyone, so hope you take it only as a poem and not as a taunt or something else....



  1. Hey its a nice one....and no way..poem doesn't hurt anyone....You spoke your heart out loudly and that makes it a nice poem.....
    keep writing...good attempt :)

  2. Thank You Hemant. I mentioned my P.S. because I know this poem is definitely gonna hurt atleast one of my reader... :)

  3. I feel bad for the boy as I feel he has so much love in his heart and there must be someone out there, who would value and treasure it. Poem is beautiful...

  4. I don't know what to reply to you Saru with respect to that boy, but I hope your words come true... 

    anyways, thanks for sharing your valuable comments... :)

  5. the silly boy....

  6. lol...likes the P.S. :)....

    boy still wasting his time??? i agree he is silly :p

    nice poem...

  7. Hello.
    It's sad when you dedicate yourself to loving someone who doesn't see you in that way and who doesn't return the feelings. Better to move on to someone who will be more appreciative and who will treasure this boy's heart...for it truly is full of love for the right person.

    Sad & touching.

    Thanks for sharing.

    My latest poem: Thief In The Night

  8. Thank You Sir, both, for your comments as well as for the Link... :)

  9. Expressions n imagery u have created is beautiful.
    very strong emotions reflected..
    Lovely read !!

  10. incredible, glad to find your blog,

    check us out and share if you could.

  11. Very touching. Men or Women, the feeling is mutual. It is really hurtful when ones love is not returned or appreciated. Or taken for granted. I know how painful it can be. The wound might heal, but the scar will be there forever!!

  12. Very well said Ranj...

    Thanks for your valuable comments...
    hope you'll visit check out my other compositions as well... :)

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