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Friday, September 30, 2011

You didn’t Love Him.....

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The Love he showed towards you girl,
Was limitless and you know that girl.
He gave you smile and wiped off your tears,
Hey girl, he even took out your fear.

He did whatever he could for you,
He loved you girl and waited for you.
You even didn’t bother to think of him,
But only when mattered, you did use him.

He still kept smiling and waited for you,
With a hope that someday even you’ll come through.
He did know you were on with someone,
But great the boy, still wished luck for that one.

Love for you wasn’t more than a game,
Hey girl you should be down, full of shame.
Love never meant for you anytime,
The boy still wishing you to be happy all-time.

Boy is wasting still his time,
Still hoping you are back anytime.
Hey girl, never say you loved someone,
Coz a loving heart might never this much hurt someone.

A Poem summarizing real life experience.

P.S : This poem is not meant to hurt anyone, so hope you take it only as a poem and not as a taunt or something else....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My fifth Blood Donation......

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I had donated Blood four times before today. Today was the fifth time that I donated my blood, but this was the first time that I felt very bad after donating my blood. I didn't feel bad as I donated blood, but because of the reason that I had to donate it.

Ronak Agarwal, 5 year old son of Mr. Mahesh Agarwal, was the one for whom I donated my blood this time. I hate God for the way he played in the kid's life.
The poor boy is suffering from Blood Cancer. I was shocked to know this, because I don't know what wrong the small kid do, that he is suffering from this problem.

I seriously wished that I had some power that I could cure the child some how, or at-least take away his problem and take that problem within me. I hate the Almighty for this.

The Boy was actually having some problems in the starting, but Mr. Mahesh (Father), thought that it would be some normal problem, and treated the son in that way. Soon, his family had gone to Vizag(Visakhapatnam), for some personal reasons. There, Ronak(the kid), had some more health problems. Mr. Mahesh had taken him to the hospital. While checking the kid, the doctors discovered that the kid was suffering from Blood Cancer. Now how bad is that!. Mr. Mahesh has brought his son to Mumbai for his treatment. The kid is now admitted and treated in Tata Memorial Hospital (Parel). Doctors have said that the child can be cured by a time of six months, as he was in the very initial stage.

A Couple of more donors will be donating their blood to this child today, but I am really glad to have an opportunity to donate my blood for that small kid. I was about to cry out in front of the kid, after seeing him who doesn't even know what problem he is suffering from. The kid saw me with a smiling face, shook his hands with me. That moment, I was broken into pieces from heart to see that kid suffering. But I had to control my emotions, so did I.

I seriously feel for those people suffering who had never done anything wrong to their self or anyone in life. A simple question comes in my mind that why is that small innocent kid suffering form Blood Cancer? What wrong did that kid do to anyone? Why does the Almighty wants to see these innocent ones suffer and leave the ones who are supposed to be suffering for their bad deeds???

This was reason for me, feeling bad after donating my blood. I guess this might also be one of the reasons that I stay away from the Almighty.

Anyways, I just have one request to all my readers. Please Pray for the small kid as well as for many other innocents who are suffering from n number of diseases.
Hope the Almighty at-least listens to your prayers cause I am in a distance from him...

Below is the pic that I snapped to Ronak when I saw him in the hospital:

To my readers : Sorry to get a bit emotional, but this is the only place where I find my emotions to be shown rather than any other place.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Small Brother...

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Tuffy - Yeah! That's his name. My small brother. This might be weird for all my readers, but Tuffy is my pet for the past 6 years and now he is one of my family members.

Tuffy is a mixed breed of German Shepperd and a Terrier. Still cant believe that 6 years back on 7th of January me and my dad brought him to our place. It was my dad who brought the tiny little pup who was just a month old. We were very happy to have a pet as a dog, and were exited to name him. He was named Tuffy after his mother's name(Buffy).
I was the one who had chosen him from the 7 cute babies that Buffy had given birth to. Tuffy looked a bit different and was very mischievous, so i wanted to keep him with us. He was the elder one among all the 7.
The day he came to my house, he was about to sleep with next to my dad. I still remember he was so notorious that he didn't let my dad sleep the whole night, and in the morning by 4.00 - 4.10 am, he had made me, his target. He came to me and started licking my face to wake me up and then he slept in my arms. Funny right, but this continued the whole week.

This is Tuffy after 2 weeks or so. We had brought this box for him to sleep at night. He was always the best for us, by this time, even my granny started liking him. Times were going great and we never knew how soon he got bigger and bigger... :) .

Another cute snap by me. We were told that Tuffy would be a bit ferocious as his mouth was Black and regarding some number of fingers with him.We couldn't even train him due to some reasons, he listens to what we say.
So cute he was, but 6 years down the line, look at the below snap to see how he looks.

He is the best pet in the world. I know every owner says the same...
Today he has come a long way from being just a pet to my small brother. I am glad to have him with me, my own small brother....

This post might sound a bit weird, but I wanted to share about my small brother with all my readers.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Split of a second......

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                      A personal thought that i came to know after living in this mean world for the past 20 years:

There is only a thin line between what is called right and wrong, and  it just takes a split of a second to decide on which side are we going to walk.

Every Person is neither right nor wrong, but that one split of a second makes a person either right or wrong.

Hope I and all my readers keep this in mind and think about this for a minute so-that, that "Split of a second" does not make us wrong.

Cheers ... :)
Thanks and Regards.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"One Fine Day" - 3 Words, Many Regrets.....

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One fine day you were seen by me,
One fine day your beauty was admired by me.
One fine day you even slandered me,
And One fine day you needed me.

One fine day I wiped out your tears,
One fine day even took out all your fears.
One fine day you trusted me,
But One fine day, the trust was thrown into the sea.

One fine day I supported you,
And One fine day, I saw away you flew.
One fine day I laughed with you,
And One fine, only cried and cried for you.

One fine day, thought my dream would come true,
That One fine day I'll definitely be with you.
One fine day you went away,
Coz One fine day you didn't let me say.

One fine day I really loved you,
One fine day could even die for you.
One fine day you came on my way,
One fine day you even wanted to say.

One fine day you loved me too,
But it was only One fine day that I loved you.
One fine day I had nothing more to pay,
Coz eventually it was only One fine day.

It is only a "One fine day", that changes many peoples' life. And we then regret the whole life wishing that we shouldn't have faced that  "One fine day"...
Everyone might have faced a "One fine day", but in different manner.
This is my "One fine day", that i regret that i shouldn't have faced....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART IV ]

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                                     As seen earlier that the Stupid Silly boy was admitted in the hospital after he met with the accident, the boy has recovered from his injury and his health is now far better than before. Doctors said that it was the God's grace that the boy survived. 

Having recovered from such a dangerous accident, the boy was now eager to move on to see all his friends and his love(i.e the girl he loved), after a gap of 3 months. He met his friends and had a happy time spent, but when he  tried to call up his love, she didn't even pick his call up. The poor boy was very disappointed, as he couldn't meet his love. He knew very well that still his girl isn't ready to accept him as her love. 

It was indeed a very bad time going around in the boy's life. He had to face another shocking news that he couldn't complete his studies due to some reasons. He came to know that his love had got a very nice job in a very well known firm and at a very respectable designation. He was very happy to hear all these, but he had also came to know that his love is never gonna accept him as she was now in a very respectable position in the society, and he being nothing but just a failure. 

The boy even came to know that there was some other guy who had started coming into the girl's life, and the boy was sure that his love will be soon, seen with that other new guy, again forgetting him. He couldn't control his emotions after knowing all these things. He was so frustrated to know that the only thing he ever truly wished, couldn't be fulfilled. 

The boy finally coming to a decision that he will never ever meet his love(i.e. the girl), until he makes a respectable position in the society and until he fulfills his dream of growing big in his stream. The boy finally decides that he will never contact his love until she wants him back in her life. 

The decision he made, is definitely a good one, but will he be able to stand up to his words?????
Wait for the fifth part to know what else is happening with this Stupid Silly Boy....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Teacher - I Thank You

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A person to be thanked, and to be respected,
He is the one who makes us do above expected.
He always imparts his knowledge over us,
He is the one, showing what is waiting for us.

We cannot do a thing other than thanking him,
The only thing is our success, that we can give back to him.
He has no expectations from his students though,
The only thing he wants is how long way we go.

A great mentor he was, is, and will always be,
In our heart he stands like a tall tree.
Gave us his shade and lead us in the right way,
Thank You, O' Teacher, is what only we can say.

All that we are today, is only because of him,
He is our Teacher, and we always wish to live like him.
We are sure that we will succeed in our career,
Because of you we are sure to break all the barrier.

A person to be thanked, and to be respected,
He is the one who makes us do above expected.
He always imparts his knowledge over us,
He is the one, showing what is waiting for us.

This is a small poem composed with the memories of my Beloved Sir,            Prof.S.R. Rege .
Thank you sir, this is all i could do for this teachers' day.......