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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are You Ready for Social Media Week Mumbai?

Social Media Week Mumbai

Social Media Week Mumbai is the latest talk of the town. Social Media Week Mumbai is a Global Social Media Event which happens twice every year(i.e in February and September). SMW Mumbai is still into the shell as it is keeping its first feet in Mumbai on 23rd September, and R Square Consulting Services is responsible for it.

I came across SMW Mumbai and was amazed by the scale of the event as a whole. The Sole objective of this event is to bring people, organizations and communities from different walks of life together, under one roof with a purpose to learn, share and collaborate. Now this is something social and benificial for everyone. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Nokia being their City headline sponsors, they are definitely in for a Big bang in Mumbai, this September. They seem to be calling out different brands to participate in SMW Mumbai, and why not? They are going on the right track with regards to calling it a collaborative event. 

After a tracking them for quiet a few time, I managed to find an info-graphic on what everyone can expect from SMW Mumbai.

Below is the Info-graphic.

So, what do we conclude with the above info-graphic? SMW Mumbai is definitely something to look out for. It can surely be called the Biggest Social Media Event of the year. More Interestingly, Mumbai has finally got an event of it's caliber with so many interactions and socializing coming its way.

With just 66 days left for the Opening bash of SMW Mumbai, I am definitely planning to participate and be a part of an event with such a wide scale. Are you going to participate in SMW Mumbai, this September and be a part of the Big Bash? 
Well here is a link where you can participate and Get Involved in SMW Mumbai. 

Hope to see you all at SMW Mumbai friends. Lets spare some time to Learn, Share and Collaborate. 



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