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Monday, January 14, 2013

Google – The Ultimate Search Engine : Guest Post

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It is very evident that Google has evolved over the years and now stands as the ultimate search engine. Over the years, Google has been serving as the number one search engine, leaving behind the likes of Yahoo and Bing. The features that new improved Google provides are way above the rest. 
Let’s see what all features; the ultimate search engine has to offer.

1. Normal Search:

Google has simple searching mechanism that is provided by all the search engines. There is nothing new in this part of the search results. No new provisions provided.
Below is a snapshot of Google’s normal search results.

2. Advance Search :

This is where Google roles out its features that catches everyone’s eyes. This advance search has several more searching filters that help the users get the most accurate result for what they are looking for.
These advanced features make the user searching process, very easy. The rolled out features include:

Showing Visited Sites: 
This feature shows only the previously visited sites for a given search term. In case if the user had found some good quality results for a particular search term in the past, he now has a provision to search for only the previously visited sites for the respective search term.

Showing Non-Visited Sites:
This feature only gives the sites that the user has never visited before. This feature mainly comes handy when the user wants to find information from the sites that he/she has never visited before.

Finding the pages of a particular origin:
We used to get results for a particular search term from across the whole Web. It is not the same now. With this feature, user has an option to choose pages belonging to his country specifically. For e.g. If you are from India, you get a provision to choose the sites only from India in your search results.

Finding only the sites that have images:
This is one of the simple features from the search engine giant, which helps a user to find only the sites that has images in them, for the particular search term. People often tend to understand information with the use of images, and here you go!

Finding the dictionary meaning for a searched term:
Gone are those days, when you used to find the dictionary meaning for a particular word in different sites. With this new feature, Google makes it very easy for the user to find the dictionary meaning for a particular searched term.

Finding the reading level for a particular searched term:
Now this one feature becomes very interesting by Google. When you opt for this filtration, you get to know what the reading levels are for the particular search term. It shows how much percentage of users fall under the three different categories (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance).

Finding the sites that are translated from different languages:
Suppose you want to know some information for a particular term, from the site that might be created on foreign languages, you can still translate them and get your information. This feature comes pretty handy when you are desperate in collecting information from a wide range of sources.

Finding the verbatim:
This feature is enables you to find only those sites in the search results, which matches the verbatim of the particular searched term.

Enabling a city wide search:
This feature is enables you to perform a city wide search on Google for the particular search term.

Finding information that was posted during a particular period:
By far this one is the most useful eye-catching feature of all, the periodic listing feature. Google allows you to set a time frame for a particular search term. It can be any time, for e.g. the origin of within the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month or between any custom ranges of time. Only the contents with the origin falling under your time frame are listed.

Guest Post by Sagar Patel


A Digital Head working at Eggfirst Advertising, a Mumbai-based advertising agency offering end-to-end creative solutions for varied marketing problems. As part of his role, he is responsible for maintaining the Digital strategies for their clients.

As an advertising agency that takes pride in taking full custody of brands and making things happen, Eggfirst has a simple purpose: 'Create brands that people will love, remember, and buy'. Through a combination of research, strategy, creativity and technology, Eggfirst helps brands discover their potential, and unleash it.



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