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Friday, June 1, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge

11:54 AM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran 8 comments

     My Friend Andy has started a challenge to construct a poem, written by different Bloggers.
I am entering the challenge too and you may follow the Lover’s Cove Challenge post from here.

I am the #17 to add lines to L'Aussie Denise
My Line: For my words are the cry of my eyes and the await of my heart

You may enter your lines in here too… :)

All The Best #18


  1. Dear Venkateswaran,
    Welcome to Lovers' Cove!
    Thank you for making an attempt at the challenge. I like your line.
    The only thing is...it should continue on in thought from L'Aussie Denise who is the last person in the Linky (not Priyanka). Also, I couldn't add your post to the Linky because your backlink reference is incorrect. 
    Here is what I suggest you do, change the backlink to http://apd-loverscove.blogspot.com or http://apd-loverscove.blogspot.com/2012/05/lovers-cove-challenge-1-05262012.html (do not use .in - the Linky won't recognize it)
    Try to rewrite your line based on L'Aussie Denise's entry. This is what she wrote: "My
    perpetual allegiance belongs to you and no other. Believe my words of truth"
    Then return to Lovers' Cove ASAP & try to reenter your post in the Linky so you will be at link #17, after L'Aussie Denise. It's bedtime for me, but I'll wait up for a bit in case you need my help. 

  2. Dear Venkateswaran,
    Thank you for your patience and for resubmitting your post to the Lovers' Cove Challenge. You actually dropped down to #20, but your modified line flows nicely from Suzy Que who got in before you. Your line is very meaningful and I truly appreciate your effort. 
    Thank you for giving the Lovers' Cove Challenge a try. Do click on a few of the other links...you never know what you'll discover!
    Thanks again & see you soon! (come join Blog Hop Saturday! #2. Linky will open later this evening)

    Lovers' Cove

  3. I am glad that my line flows with 
    Suzy Que's line.
    Thanks for arranging such a unique and great challenge... :)

  4. That was so touching !
    Beautifully added! :)

  5. Dear Venkateswaran,
    I'd like to say a big thank you for taking part in the Lovers' Cove Challenge. 
    I have posted the final poem...come see!

    A Sleeping Flower...

  6. Hi Sir,
    WoW! I am right away coming there

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