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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART VI ]

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                                                                                    As mentioned in the last part (A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART V ]), the boy had almost forgot his love towards the girl. it was just a matter of time that he completely moves on with his life ahead concentrating in his career. But he had to get himself into some other things that would completely make him forget everything. There is a girl who came into contact with the boy. This girl was actually introduced to the boy by his love an year back when the girl was about to participate in a singing competition that was held in their college.

This new girl had contacted the boy for some help in her academics, and as usual the boy agreed to help her, as he had never said no to any help asked by any of his friends. This girl and the boy had to spend some time with each other very frequently as the boy started helping this girl with one of her project.Both had come a bit close towards each other, and they shared some of their secrets with each other. They took hardly any time to trust each other. They moreover enjoyed each other's company a lot. The girl's smile had made the boy forget all his problems, and then he started making her smile by doing all the weirdest and the silliest things that one can think of. He even shared all about his love to her and this girl started supporting him.

The boy had fallen for this girl's innocent smile and thought that this smile would be the only medicine to heal his heart's wound. He spoke about this to this girl and she agreed to his proposal. The proposal was a bit strange. The boy didn't want to be in a relation with this girl, but instead, the boy had asked this girl to allow him to be in a relation with only her smile. This girl agreed to the boy's strange proposal as it showed that the boy was sincere in his thoughts. They used to spend some quality time with each other and the boy made her smile, every-time she was with him. This girls started experiencing some of the weird, but good things that the boy used to make her do.

Everything was going fine till the day the girl(the one he loved), called him back in the morning about 10am or so. The boy had no idea about who was calling as it was an unknown number. He picked up the call and got himself pissed to hear the girl's voice. They had a small talk on phone and then the same night, he made a decision of directly asking the girl to stop contacting him from further. As decided, he sent her a text message asking her not to call him again.

The girl(his forgotten love), had called him after some 8 to 10 days or so from her office. The boy picked her call up and found it was she who called him up. He asked the girl if she had read the message sent by him that night. The girl had no idea about the message as she didn't receive it. But again this time the boy directly asked the girl to stop contacting him as he didn't want any kind of conversation whatsoever with the girl. That day the boy was thinking a lot about his decision and finally concluding that what he did was right.

The Boy wished that everything would be alright in his life and started with his routine, but is he going to be normal back again? What does time have for the boy in his future? and again the question comes Whats next????
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