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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Small Request.....

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                                 Its better that you remember me during your grief than including me in your happiness, because I'll be glad glad to wipe your tears and be the first to make you smile. I don't want to be amongst those who are there with you when you smile. I want you to remember me as the person who was there for you till the end. I want you to remember me  as a person who lived for you as well as living for you till the end.

This is a small request of mine, put in front of you, with a hope that you keep your trust on me the same way you've been keeping. I Swear that I'll keep up with your trust , the same way I've been keeping......
Many people came and went, you decided to keep me with you forever...

Thank You again for the trust you've shown.

A small thought for you my love :

I've always been loving you the same,
I've waited for you again and again,
Hope this wait doesn't go in vain,
Depends on you to give me a chance again.

I'd loved you as much i could,
Hoping that even you would.
Never think i am away from you,
You'll be never alone as I'll be with you.

Love You  Love You  Love You  <3 <3 <3 

Hope I get a chance honey to prove my love towards you . I'd rather wait for you till my last breath, rather than living a false life with someone else....
Love you again honey....



  1. really heart touching yaar...is pyaar ko mein kya naam du......

  2. Beautiful, seems like love is in the air!


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