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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Trip to be Remembered throughout my Life.........

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Hi Everyone!!!
                         12th June 2011, a day to be remembered throughout my life. It was just a normal plan to go on a Day out. No one of us even thought that it would prove to be a experience of a lifetime. I would love to share a bit of the awesome experience with all the readers.

Following were the Members who were fortunate to experience this wonderful trip:
  1. My Self (R.Venkateswaran)
  2. Abhishek Singh
  3. Jugal Patel
  4. Mangesh Mahtre
  5. Milind Naikare
  6. Prashant Ahire
  7. Sanket Magar
  8. Sagar Shelke
  9. Meghnad Bhagde
  10. Vaibhav Talnikar
  11. Kalpesh
  12. Hemant
 All the above mention guys, thank you for coming together and making it a wonderful experience.

We were glad to see the beauty of Mother Nature. No doubts that the trip was a bit risky. It is rightly said that " It is often paid off when you take risks and at the same time you are dedicated and eager to do it..... "

 This was when we were on our way towards our destination.....
 This was when we took a break to have our lunch.

This was while we were returning from the destination......

I know that these images don't give you all a complete idea of what we experienced, and i cannot even express it guys. I just wanted to share a few words about our trip, but unfortunately am out of words.

One Thing is sure :

We were glad to see the nature. 

Thank You Mother Nature for giving us a glimpse of your awesome beauty.....

I can say that even we wont be fortunate to again get view of the same beauty that we saw.

Thanks Again.....



  1. I missed a (2nd time)LifeTime Experience with u guys.........LOVE U GUYS.........


Will be glad to hear it from you.... :)