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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART I]

9:34 PM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran , , , , , 6 comments

                                          I am glad to share with you all, a small story of a silly stupid boy who fell in LOVE......
            The boy never had been in a relationship. He used to scold his friends who were in love.He never believed that there was a feeling such a heaven named "LOVE". He finished his school life and went to the college for pursuing his graduation.The boy had greats thoughts to complete his graduation with good marks and help his Dad in running their livelihood.He had a great start to his college life, until he met an angel.
After meeting her, the boy couldn't forget her face.That day turned his world upside-down. he was confused whether this was just an attraction or what? He was finding it very difficult to spend his time in college without looking at her.The girl was very beautiful indeed.
             The boy finally concluded that he was in love with that girl, and was very desperate enough to speak to the girl about this.He didn't think much and went straight to the girl and proposed her.The girl not only rejected his proposal, but also stopped talking to him.This made the boy to fall into depression.After a long time, he came out of the depression because of his friends' support.He spent time with his friends pretending himself to be happy , but from inside, he still couldn't forget her.Days passed by, and in one fine day the girl started talking to him again. The boy felt that this was his first step towards getting close to that girl.
           Soon they became very close friends.The boy crossed all those limits that he had, to help that girl in almost all the situations.But still, the girl considered him only as her good friend but didn't love him. People and his friends criticized him for being so mad for that girl, but it had no effect on him as he considered her as prize that he should win in his life.
           After some days, the girl found him dominating her in many situations(but never understood that he did everything only for her happiness and welfare).She broke the friendship in the time when the boy wanted required her to be at his side.The boy finally knew that he can only wait for her so that she may realize his love for her and come back to her.

And he his definitely going to wait for her, the whole life.....

Hope he gets his so called LOVE back again soon......


  1. Love is not a business. When you are in love, you have no choice but to love the person. - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  2. very true veena......
    who said LOVE is a business....
    Hope the girl in the above story comes back.......

  3. cool story i hav gone through this story in ma real life.....ma best frnd so called brother was in same relationship as this is.....thanxs for the reminder......<3<3<3


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