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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You Father.......

8:05 AM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran , , , 6 comments

You've always been there for me. You've always loved me more than anyone else in this World.You used to scold and beat me when i was wrong, but later you used to go alone and cry for the pain you gave me.
You made me what I am today. You gave me everything to cheer. 
You never wanted me to suffer from anything. I was always under your shadow of guidance. You are always in me. You tout me how to respect others and you gave me the culture.You gave me the confidence that i have today in facing this Mean World.Today, I can keep my head up in front of the Whole World and speak whatever is there in my mind.

I owe you my life.I will never ever leave you for anyone in this world. I LOVE YOU Daddy...

Many More Happy Returns of the day..............



  1. Very Nice and Cute... Every words in the blog seems to be from Heart..

    Convey my Regards..:)

  2. Thank You Sonal .
    Yes you are right. Every word in this blog comes straight from my heart.

  3. bohat hi touching hai re!!!!!:.,()

  4. We all love our dad..........they are just better than best for ur


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