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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It is all about Time.

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All had gone, with myself cannot cope,
Was left alone with the only thing called hope,
Had the devil in me, but was waiting to experience the divine,
With all the darkness and a single wait to shine.

Came across you, but could only be a mime,
All I had was to wait for the correct time.
Kept my patience till the things fell on line,
But bottled them up when we first opened of the wine.

I knew that things were going all right,
Till the time you just went off, my sight.
Nothing could I do, but stick to my might,
I knew my hope you make the time go right.

The Key was to hope and to wait for the time,
Yet had no choice to still stay a mime.
I was happy again to have you back in my sight,
Even things were then started falling all right.

 The poem might be vague but it is just a small way to express how things might change if you wait for the right TIME!