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Monday, December 3, 2012

Treasure Hunt Campaign by Eggfirst Advertising

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Eggfirst Advertising launches one of their biggest campaigns of this quarter for Shivam Autozone (an authorized dealer of Maruti). The idea is to create value for the brand, using both online as well as offline medium. Eggfirst Advertising is planning to run the first ever car Treasure Hunt campaign in Mumbai on 16th of December. The campaign is open, only for Maruti owners from Mumbai. The agency sticks to the point of driving traffic to the campaign through digital medium. They are currently using Facebook to driven registration to the campaign. Twitter plays the supporting role in the process of registration. They are inviting all the Maruti owners in Mumbai to participate in this campaign. Registrations for the campaigns are closing on 10thof December. 

You can register yourself in this campaign by clicking here

The Shivam Maruti Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is organized on a Sunday keeping in mind, the professionals to also take part in the campaign. Treasure Hunt covers the areas from Malad to Borivali. It is basically a team event consisting of 5 members (including the captain). All you have to do to win the Treasure Hunt is to crack the clues in order to reach the checkpoint and find a pluck card. Once you complete finding all the pluck cards from their respective checkpoints, you have to return to the destination and match a pluck cards with their answers. The team that finishes the entire given task ends up wining the Treasure Hunt.
The agency has plans to make everyone happy, by providing incentives to all the participants. There are lots to bag in this Treasure Hunt campaign, and definitely excites me. Moreover, they also have some more on-spot events happening during the campaign. So it stays a win win situation for everyone who participates.  I wish them all success for their campaign, and hope that it ends up being a successful campaign.
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up before you meet the deadline for registration. Wish you luck to win it.



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