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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My fifth Blood Donation......

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I had donated Blood four times before today. Today was the fifth time that I donated my blood, but this was the first time that I felt very bad after donating my blood. I didn't feel bad as I donated blood, but because of the reason that I had to donate it.

Ronak Agarwal, 5 year old son of Mr. Mahesh Agarwal, was the one for whom I donated my blood this time. I hate God for the way he played in the kid's life.
The poor boy is suffering from Blood Cancer. I was shocked to know this, because I don't know what wrong the small kid do, that he is suffering from this problem.

I seriously wished that I had some power that I could cure the child some how, or at-least take away his problem and take that problem within me. I hate the Almighty for this.

The Boy was actually having some problems in the starting, but Mr. Mahesh (Father), thought that it would be some normal problem, and treated the son in that way. Soon, his family had gone to Vizag(Visakhapatnam), for some personal reasons. There, Ronak(the kid), had some more health problems. Mr. Mahesh had taken him to the hospital. While checking the kid, the doctors discovered that the kid was suffering from Blood Cancer. Now how bad is that!. Mr. Mahesh has brought his son to Mumbai for his treatment. The kid is now admitted and treated in Tata Memorial Hospital (Parel). Doctors have said that the child can be cured by a time of six months, as he was in the very initial stage.

A Couple of more donors will be donating their blood to this child today, but I am really glad to have an opportunity to donate my blood for that small kid. I was about to cry out in front of the kid, after seeing him who doesn't even know what problem he is suffering from. The kid saw me with a smiling face, shook his hands with me. That moment, I was broken into pieces from heart to see that kid suffering. But I had to control my emotions, so did I.

I seriously feel for those people suffering who had never done anything wrong to their self or anyone in life. A simple question comes in my mind that why is that small innocent kid suffering form Blood Cancer? What wrong did that kid do to anyone? Why does the Almighty wants to see these innocent ones suffer and leave the ones who are supposed to be suffering for their bad deeds???

This was reason for me, feeling bad after donating my blood. I guess this might also be one of the reasons that I stay away from the Almighty.

Anyways, I just have one request to all my readers. Please Pray for the small kid as well as for many other innocents who are suffering from n number of diseases.
Hope the Almighty at-least listens to your prayers cause I am in a distance from him...

Below is the pic that I snapped to Ronak when I saw him in the hospital:

To my readers : Sorry to get a bit emotional, but this is the only place where I find my emotions to be shown rather than any other place.