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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Small Brother...

12:04 PM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran , , , , , 10 comments

Tuffy - Yeah! That's his name. My small brother. This might be weird for all my readers, but Tuffy is my pet for the past 6 years and now he is one of my family members.

Tuffy is a mixed breed of German Shepperd and a Terrier. Still cant believe that 6 years back on 7th of January me and my dad brought him to our place. It was my dad who brought the tiny little pup who was just a month old. We were very happy to have a pet as a dog, and were exited to name him. He was named Tuffy after his mother's name(Buffy).
I was the one who had chosen him from the 7 cute babies that Buffy had given birth to. Tuffy looked a bit different and was very mischievous, so i wanted to keep him with us. He was the elder one among all the 7.
The day he came to my house, he was about to sleep with next to my dad. I still remember he was so notorious that he didn't let my dad sleep the whole night, and in the morning by 4.00 - 4.10 am, he had made me, his target. He came to me and started licking my face to wake me up and then he slept in my arms. Funny right, but this continued the whole week.

This is Tuffy after 2 weeks or so. We had brought this box for him to sleep at night. He was always the best for us, by this time, even my granny started liking him. Times were going great and we never knew how soon he got bigger and bigger... :) .

Another cute snap by me. We were told that Tuffy would be a bit ferocious as his mouth was Black and regarding some number of fingers with him.We couldn't even train him due to some reasons, he listens to what we say.
So cute he was, but 6 years down the line, look at the below snap to see how he looks.

He is the best pet in the world. I know every owner says the same...
Today he has come a long way from being just a pet to my small brother. I am glad to have him with me, my own small brother....

This post might sound a bit weird, but I wanted to share about my small brother with all my readers.