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Sunday, August 14, 2011


7:58 PM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran , , , , , 7 comments

         Its our Day, Our Independence Day.

          We say we are Independent for the past 64 years. But are we really really Independent or are we fooling ourselves for these past years. I ask this question not only to myself, but to all the readers, in fact to every INDIAN.  "ARE WE REALLY INDEPENDENT ???"  Fighters and Revolutionaries fought for us. They gave us something called "FREEDOM", but still one question comes in my mind, " ARE WE REALLY FREE ??? " . Please someone answer me.   

Everyday i wake up to see these corrupted people (our so called politicians ), handle us , our country. I feel to change all these, but I can't , just because I am alone. I wished I had the power, not to change my fate, but to change the country's fate.   Once we under the Regime of the BRITISH, now under the Regime of our POLITICIANS. We, once feared against the bullets coming out from the British government, and now are fearing against the bullets coming out from the guns of terrorists and murderers....    

Only difference between 1940's and now is that , we were ruled and exploited by some outsiders, and now we are ruled and exploited by our countrymen . This is a shame to get exploited by the ones whom we know very well.  Once we had let the EAST INDIA COMPANY to enter our country and take away everything that we had. Now we gave our votes and again gave our country in wrong hands. The tax that we pay every year, "ARE WE GETTING THE WORTH FOR PAYING TAXES ????", this is another question in my mind.  

I have started feeling ashamed to call my self a citizen of a country which is not more than governed by corrupted people. From the scratch till the end, only CORRUPTION  prevails...  After reading all these, can i really say that I AM INDEPENDENT ???  If you all call this to be INDEPENDENT, then i feel sorry for all you readers , and can say only one thing,