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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tears, Tears, And Tears.......

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Tears let out of eyes,
are the ones only seen by eyes.
Tears let of your heart,
can't be seen out but comes only when you are apart.

Memorable are the Tears ,
that are let out of joy.
Memorable are the Tears ,
that comes when you say bye.

Silent are the Tears,
that comes when you are alone.
Silent are the Tears,
that comes on attending your special one's phone.

Some Tears are happy,
some are sad.
But even some tears are special,
that comes out when on someone you are totally mad.

Ps : Above Poem has some kinds of tears that came in my mind. Hope you all express some more kinds of tears that comes in you minds, in the form of comments.
Thanks and Regards...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love - According to me

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Love is all I need,
Love is all for what I plead.
Love is all more than my greed,
And Love is all for what I may bleed.

Love is always in the air,
Broken heart in Love is never fair.
Love is what makes your self declare,
whether to be a light from within or to be a flare.

Love gives you pain,
But made pain in Love doesn't go in vain. 
Love may happen at any sight,
Love is what that may even make you fight.

Love might hurt you a lot,
Your Love makes you even feel hot.
Love is often made without a thought,
But with an inner thought that Love is not.

Ps: The above poem is completely written on the basis of what I personally feel about Love and it has nothing as a compulsion to all you dear users agree to it or not...
Thanks and Regards... :) 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Think about it [ No: 4 ]

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Yesterday, while drinking a bottle of Mirinda(A soft drink), I realized something that we humans tend to do. We don't realize that when we do that, but we usually tend to blame others.

You all might even think that this post of mine would be a sounding to be a bit stupid, but i don't care about what you all valuable readers think about me, or about this post.

The thought was:

" Just as a Mirinda(or any soft drink that you prefer) is only felt to be the best drink if it remains the way it is, and not by adding or removing ingredients in or from it, even we humans, must remain the same way we used to be to lead a life at it's best.
There is no point in living a life which is always changing according to others' perceptions or thoughts. It would just make life a worse place to life. "

Whats your take on this readers? What do you think about this question???

Please leave your valuable thought about this post in the form of comments....