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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART IV ]

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                                     As seen earlier that the Stupid Silly boy was admitted in the hospital after he met with the accident, the boy has recovered from his injury and his health is now far better than before. Doctors said that it was the God's grace that the boy survived. 

Having recovered from such a dangerous accident, the boy was now eager to move on to see all his friends and his love(i.e the girl he loved), after a gap of 3 months. He met his friends and had a happy time spent, but when he  tried to call up his love, she didn't even pick his call up. The poor boy was very disappointed, as he couldn't meet his love. He knew very well that still his girl isn't ready to accept him as her love. 

It was indeed a very bad time going around in the boy's life. He had to face another shocking news that he couldn't complete his studies due to some reasons. He came to know that his love had got a very nice job in a very well known firm and at a very respectable designation. He was very happy to hear all these, but he had also came to know that his love is never gonna accept him as she was now in a very respectable position in the society, and he being nothing but just a failure. 

The boy even came to know that there was some other guy who had started coming into the girl's life, and the boy was sure that his love will be soon, seen with that other new guy, again forgetting him. He couldn't control his emotions after knowing all these things. He was so frustrated to know that the only thing he ever truly wished, couldn't be fulfilled. 

The boy finally coming to a decision that he will never ever meet his love(i.e. the girl), until he makes a respectable position in the society and until he fulfills his dream of growing big in his stream. The boy finally decides that he will never contact his love until she wants him back in her life. 

The decision he made, is definitely a good one, but will he be able to stand up to his words?????
Wait for the fifth part to know what else is happening with this Stupid Silly Boy....


  1. I really really like the post. Waiting for the next one:)

  2. @ Saheer: Thanks. :)
    @Saru : Sure, will soon post the next part, but before that, did you read the first 3 parts???


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