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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART V ]

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                                                                              The boy started living up-with his words of not calling his love anymore. He had to start concentrating on his studies so that he can move on with his career. This time, he started living as if he had no love coming in his life. Yes, he had kept his love so apart that he had almost forgot that he wasted 3 of the most vital years of his life behind a stupid girl who had no feelings whatsoever for the boy. The past said only thing that the boy was properly used at times by the girl, and then thrown away as if he was nothing more than a waste.

But I guess, even the fate of the boy was written to be hard and full of suffering. Yes, at the time when the boy was trying to completely forget his love, she called him back. This made the boy remember everything that happened in the past 3 years, only by listening her voice. The boy went back to square 1, however, this time he didn't show much of an interest in speaking with the girl. The boy thought, that this was enough for the girl to understand that the boy wasn't really interested in speaking with her, but he was wrong. The girl was trying to be casual that she had called up only to ask him about his health and well being. The boy had anyways known the reason behind the sudden call. It was with some intentions in it too.

The boy after the small talk with her, was pissed off to remember all those past memories that he wanted to forgot. The  boy moved on with his routine and some days passed. Soon came a day when surprisingly the girl called the boy asking for his help. The boy realized very soon that the girl was in so major problem as her voice didn't sound normal. The boy soon left his place to meet his girl. He was shocked to see her almost unconscious at a station near his place. He soon took her to his house and asked her to take rest and sleep. The girl was asleep soon. The new guy (mentioned in A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART IV ] ) had called up this girl, but the girl asked the boy to speak up as she couldn't  even properly speak and was hardly conscious. The new guy asked the boy his address so that he may come down to the boy's house and take her home. This pissed off the boy as he was there to take care of the girl. The girl, after an hour, woke up and asked the boy to help take her to her house. The boy was getting ready to take the girl to her house, but had found the new guy waiting for the girl in the station. The girl just kept mum, as the new boy joined the the boy to take the girl to her house.

The duo had taken proper care of the girl in taking her to her house. As the girl was alone with her dad having a sudden visit to their natives, these two had to take the girl to her family doctor. The girl was properly checked and then taken back to her house with her medicines also brought. The duo left her house after a while, but the boy was very very upset with the girl, as she had thanked him for what he did, despite of knowing that the boy hates being thanked by the girl. The girl had simply made the boy very formal.

Soon came the day of the boy's papers and the boy was all set to give his papers. The girl didn't even bother to wish the boy a luck, though it didn't matter to the boy. But the girl did called up the boy after his first paper, asking how he had written his papers. But this was not the real reason for her call. This was just the initial call stating that the girl also had her papers the next day and she would want the boy's help. The boy, while studying had received the girl's call at night. He used a word that he knew, would hurt the girl. 

His prediction did turn right, i.e. the girl stop calling him since then. The boy is hoping that she really doesn't call him again. 

Lets find out What next is waiting out for the boy and what happens to the girl.Will the boy really succeed in forgetting his girl?, Will the girl leave calling the boy?, Whats gonna happen in the boy's life?
Wait for the next part.......