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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Cute girl........

10:56 PM Posted by Venkateswaran Ramachandran , , , , , 18 comments

                   Met a Cute girl , a few days back. Was Stunned know about her . Got to know a new way of living as per her thinking. Got to learn how to live a life without any reason. No reason whatsoever , no dreams of the future, no love whatsoever , but shes in a relation.  Kool na!!!

For the Cute Girl from me :

Cute you are and beautiful though,
No dreams of Love and No way to go.
You feel no love, but still with him,
I wish you'll be happy in life with him,
But think before you move on ahead,
Coz you keep a wrong feet here and you'll be not more than a dead.

Personally respect your decisions though, 
Hats off to you , a long way you'll go.
I'll be there for you at any cost,
put your trust on me , when ever you are lost.

Cute you are and beautiful though,
No dreams of Love and No way to go.

   Hey girl, i have a lot more to express but am of out words. Hope you like the above post, and always remember, at-least for you,
"I will always be there for you, no-matter what it takes and how much it takes out of me....."

Take good care of yourself. I will be glad to keep up with your faith in me. 

Thanks and Regards,


  1. kadak hai bidu... ur ability to write in english also increasing good one....

  2. its superb...and touching...btw thnx...:P

  3. i would like to know who this lucky girl is,,who is turning you into a poet...

  4. @Hems:This girl is just one of my close friend Hema....

    @Daniyal: Thanks

  5. nice one yaar very good............

  6. Very very nice and sweet...Lovely:)

  7. Aw.. Lovely poem! :)
    Hope that cute girl leads a beautiful life..:)

  8. @Madhumati : thanks and ya she will definitely lead a beautiful life as even i am there to be with her......

  9. it for the first time that some1 wnt so close 2 her!!!!!!!
    congrats for understanding her so nicely n also feelin so positive for her!!!!

  10. amazingly written !!... no words :)) :))


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