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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life According Me.....

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People usually think life is a race, and want them to always be ahead of others.

But i guess they are wrong, in thinking that way because, someone is ought to loose the race, and that is definitely gonna hurt. That means life turns out to be full of grief for the people who loose.

Rather what i feel is that , life is , Sailing on a small boat in an ocean,without knowing the destination. You can sail your boat through, when ocean is calm and one should know how to sail his boat during a storm...
Now that is life according to me. You may face the better part of life easily, but its you whose gotta know how to face your problems and obstacles when life starts testing you.

The above post is only based on my perceptions over LIFE , and no one is responsible if they feel bad...

Friday, July 8, 2011

No Matter....

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No matter how far am i from you, my wishes are closely tied with you.
No matter how sad am i, my smile is always there in your lips.
No matter how dominating am i, my softness is always for you.
You are the one i wished to live with, Without you my life is not more than a useless stick
You are meant to be mine ,
not in my painful past, nor in my struggling today, but surely in my blossoming future...

Love you Love you and Love you...<3 <3 <3