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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART III ]

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                                            The Stupid silly boy is in a very critical condition, has he had met with an accident. I request all my readers to pray for the Stupid boy. The Boy is admitted in the hospital after being hit by an Innova near his house. Doctors have taken their hands back as they are not sure about the health status of the Poor Boy.
                     The poor boy is fighting for his life in the hospital, and hope he survives and improves to a normal state of health. He is unconscious for the past 2 hours, Doctors told their family that everything is in the hands of the almighty.....
                   We often say that friends are there for you all the time, but the poor boy is alone fighting for his life. No one is there with the poor boy, neither his so called friends, nor his so called love. Feels very hard for the poor boy. Hope he survives......

                Lets pray for him guys...... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Stupid Silly Boy.....[PART II ]

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                           As told in the previous part of this story, the girl still doesn't love this boy. The actual untold truth was that the girl was in a true love relationship with another guy. The girl was in the relationship for the past five long years. Many people told the girl that the guy she loves, was not trustworthy, but the girl was so serious about her lover that she did not trust anyone.
              The boy (the Stupid boy) knew all these things and also knew the depth of the girl's love towards that guy, but still the boy had faith in his love and was still ready to wait for that girl. The boy had a gut feeling that the guy whom the girl loves, would ditch her some or the other day. And guess what , the boy's gut feeling proved to be true.
               That guy had actually ditched this lovely, innocent girl for a blonde who was about 4 years smaller than this guy. Finally the girl came to know the true face of that guy. She was very depressed and was very eager to take revenge from that guy for playing with her feelings. The girl even out-spoke herself by telling that  no one in this world could actually love her as compared to the boy(the Stupid boy).

               Days passed by, and the girl slowly recovered from her bitter grief. The Boy is still waiting for the girl, hoping that the girl will at-least now give the boy a chance to prove his love. The Boy is striving very hard by working day and night so that he may raise up-to such a status from where he himself can talk to the girl's father to ask to marry his daughter. The girl is still ignoring his true love, and the boy is still ready to wait and prove his love.

    Hope the girl gives the boy at-least a chance to prove his love. Hope at-least now she accepts his love. Everything relies finally on the word " HOPE " ........

Thanks and Cheers,

Readers please wait for some time until I post in the Third Part of this Stupid boy's live story, and  please wait to read the further parts to find if the boy really gets his true love or not.......

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kyun Aankhein Nami hai......

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A Small Poem composed for a special person......

Kyun Aankhein Nami hai, 
kya pyaarme kami hai....

Kyun Aankhein Nami hai, 
kya pyaarme kami hai,
toh kyun tum khafa ho,
mujhe yeh batado,
mujheee samjhaadonaaaa....

Maine toh bas kiya tha pyaar, 
woh bhi tha bas tumse yaar,

Yeh tumne na jaana,
koi ise batana,
ise samjhaadeeena, ho samjhaadena...
samjhaadeeena, ho samjhaadena...

Hope you All Like it......

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Trip to be Remembered throughout my Life.........

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Hi Everyone!!!
                         12th June 2011, a day to be remembered throughout my life. It was just a normal plan to go on a Day out. No one of us even thought that it would prove to be a experience of a lifetime. I would love to share a bit of the awesome experience with all the readers.

Following were the Members who were fortunate to experience this wonderful trip:
  1. My Self (R.Venkateswaran)
  2. Abhishek Singh
  3. Jugal Patel
  4. Mangesh Mahtre
  5. Milind Naikare
  6. Prashant Ahire
  7. Sanket Magar
  8. Sagar Shelke
  9. Meghnad Bhagde
  10. Vaibhav Talnikar
  11. Kalpesh
  12. Hemant
 All the above mention guys, thank you for coming together and making it a wonderful experience.

We were glad to see the beauty of Mother Nature. No doubts that the trip was a bit risky. It is rightly said that " It is often paid off when you take risks and at the same time you are dedicated and eager to do it..... "

 This was when we were on our way towards our destination.....
 This was when we took a break to have our lunch.

This was while we were returning from the destination......

I know that these images don't give you all a complete idea of what we experienced, and i cannot even express it guys. I just wanted to share a few words about our trip, but unfortunately am out of words.

One Thing is sure :

We were glad to see the nature. 

Thank You Mother Nature for giving us a glimpse of your awesome beauty.....

I can say that even we wont be fortunate to again get view of the same beauty that we saw.

Thanks Again.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011